2014 NH Reach the Beach Relay Race: Team Grumpy Old Men

207.2 miles from Cannon Mountain to Hampton Beach
By Bruce Conti


Tim Burke, the lead runner for the Grumpy Old Men (Team #38), starts with the 12 noon wave.

Chuck Landry on the 7th leg of the course (above left), handing the baton to Rich Stockdale at Leg 8 (right).

Tom Kolb and Chuck Landry discuss strategy (left) as Mike Raymond nears the end of Leg 9 (right).


Keeping warm at the Barnstead transition area
          The surrealism of running in heavy traffic at 2:00 a.m.

Bodies spread out across the campus of Gilmanton High School as 'Van 2' runners tried to catch a couple hours of sleep while their 'Van 1' counterparts were out on the course.
Grumpy Old Men score with the women's 50+ team known as Twisted Sisters

Last legs to the beach
Grumpy Old Men reach the beach in 25 hours, 29 minutes, and 5 seconds (25:29:05)
26th place out of 518 teams

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